An adult must accompany your child into and out of the center. The adult accompanying your child needs to make a staff person aware of his or her arrival and departure. Parents of toddlers are asked to let their teacher know how their child’s morning before school was. Please sign the arrival and departure times on the attendance sheets located in each classroom. Please communicate with your child’s teacher, if someone other than you is picking up your child. For your child’s safety, we cannot release him or her to anyone without your written consent. After signing in, please help your child place his or her lunchbox on the cart or cubby, and wash their hands. Be sure to check your child’s mailbox can for special notices. Toddler and Preschool lunch boxes are kept in their classroom, so please provide an ice pack. All container and food products must be labeled and dated with your child’s name.

It is very important that you say goodbye to your child before you leave. If your child is worried that you might suddenly disappear, then he or she may hang on tight to you to be sure you don’t “sneak” away. Be honest and update. “Bye-bye, I know you’l have fun and I’ll see you later.” If possible, keep the good-bye short. Lingering too long or engaging in too much conversation with other adults could lengthen the anxiety time for your child.

Please pick up your child on time. Children are eager to see their parents and share the excitement of the day. If you anticipate being later than your scheduled time, please telephone the center so that the teachers can prepare your child. The center closes promptly at 5:00 PM, please give yourself ample time to be leaving the center by 5:00 PM.

Every attempt will be made to contact the parent if a child is in attendance past closing time. After 30 minutes, individuals who have been listed in the child’s file as emergency contacts will be called and asked to come get the child. By state regulation, if no one is available after 60 minutes, the state police will be contacted. There is a $1.00/minute late fee for pick-ups after 5:00 PM.

There is ample parking outside the fenced playground. An essential rule is that no one leaves the fenced playground unless he or she is with an adult. Please help your child adhere to this rule by holding his or her hand to and from the car. If you wish to chat with another parent, your child should stay in the fenced area with you or be buckled into his or her seat belt in your car.

Drop Off For Toddlers

  • Place shoes/jacket in cubby
  • Place clearly marked lunch box on lunchbox cubby in classroom (an ice pack should be included to keep items cold)
  • Place extra diapers, clothes, blankets, soft resting toy in your child’s bin or shelf in the toddler bathroom
  • Your child’s teachers will want to know how well your child slept and if he/she had a good breakfast
  • Make sure the teachers know who will be picking up your child at the end of the day

Pick Up For Toddlers

  • Please arrive at your scheduled pick up time
  • Gather the lunch box and any belongings that should go home with your child
  • Daily care sheets are usually placed in your child’s lunchbox at the end of the day. Please review this sheet and feel free to discuss your child’s day with the teacher.
  • Alert teachers if there is an any anticipated change to your child’s schedule
  • Please sign your child out on the clipboard

Saying Goodbye

Your child has developed a great bond with you. A toddler always needs to feel safe and secure in order to be emotionally healthy. One of the best ways to help your child feel secure is by consistently telling him what you are doing and where you are going. Explaining simply that he/she is going to school to be with other children, possible naming the children at the teachers, will help your child prepare for arrival at school. After putting your child’s belonging away, help them become interested in an activity. Tell your child that you will be going, say goodbye when you are ready, and then go out the door.

As awful as it makes you feel, please know that saying goodbye strengthens their security and bond with you. To disappear contributes to insecurity. Feel free to wait outside the toddler room and watch through the window as your child begins to become engaged in play. You can also telephone the center after a time to assure that he/she is happy and doing well.