It has been a great week! We have started our farm theme and your children are very excited to share what they know. We started the week by changing our dramatic play area into a farm stand. Friends are working hard to help create all the new items for our farm stand! One fun activity friends really seemed to enjoy was hay painting! Next week we will be focusing on just the animals that we find on the farm.

This week we had a review of the letters we have learned so far. Students have been doing great recognizing upper and lower case letters. Some friends are even able to share with us some words that start with a given letter. Emma D. shared with the class that “apple starts with A.”

This week we had a special guest come and talk to us about fire safety, Stan, the fire marshal. We learned all about what to do if our clothes catch on fire, or if we need to leave a building. The fire marshal shared with us the clothes a firefighter will wear and the sounds the mask will make in the fire.

Your children have been doing great using their words with other friends. A lot of new friendships have been forming. Levi and Phoenix worked together to create a farm out of blocks!

The weather is getting colder, so please make sure your child’s extra clothes are weather appropriate.

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